Side Project, Modern Brewery Settles Bulb Logo Battle | Local company


As part of the settlement, Modern Brewery agreed to stop using a light bulb on faucet handles and marketing materials within a year, said Cory King, founder and owner of Side Project. “I’m glad it’s over, and we came to a resolution that I knew we would have a year ago,” King told Post-Dispatch.

Side Project has quadrupled its production capacity from a year ago and brews 800 barrels of beer per year at its Maplewood facility. Its size and growth prospects were not, however, determining factors in filing the complaint, King said.

“With any brand you have to protect it and without protection it has no value no matter how big your business is, whether you are big or small,” King said. “I want to make sure that everything we build here cannot be lost.”

In an emailed statement, Eisele of Modern Brewery said he takes pride in the design of his company’s light bulbs and faucet handles and “we remain adamant that they do not infringe on intellectual property. of no party “.

Due to litigation costs, Eisele said he has agreed to settle the case and plans to introduce a new design for the faucet handles next year.

“It was a painful decision, as I personally envisioned the bulb design years before we brewed a drop of beer,” Eisele’s statement continued. “If we had an unlimited war chest to pay for legal fees, we would keep fighting to keep using this design. But we don’t, and instead we’ll put Modern Brewery’s resources into making great beer for our customers across St. Louis.


Pamela W. Robbins

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