New service connects drivers to car rental companies for free one-way rentals



Global fleet logistics company Transfercar has rolled out new rental fleet relocation services in Chicago, Boston and Minneapolis that offer drivers free one-way car rentals.

In an effort to align the fleet relocation needs of rental car companies with the travel requirements of consumers, Transfer car works with various agencies to move their inventory through consumers rather than relying on trucks, trains or professional drivers.

“We’ve created a website that connects car rental companies who need to transfer their cars with travelers who want to drive them in exchange for free travel,” said Brian Karlson, co-founder and CEO de Transfercar, in a press release.

“This model offers a win-win solution where travelers have the option of getting a free one-way car rental, while rental companies save a lot of money on relocation costs. While drivers may be subject to very low taxes or mandatory fees, even though the rental rate is free, they will see huge savings. “

While small taxes, fees and mandatory charges imposed by airports or local and state government agencies may apply, Transfercar only requires renters to return their vehicles on time and adhere to given mileage restrictions, according to the company.

The Transfercar website currently offers rentals in Chicago, Boston, or Minneapolis that must be dropped off in Miami and Orlando, Florida within three days.


Pamela W. Robbins

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