Luxury car rental options in Toronto


Luxury car rental options in Toronto offer the ability to carry the hottest wheels in town, if only temporarily. If you scoff at the thought of calling a cab and Uber black cars still don’t meet your standards, try one of these rental companies. You can drive some of the best trams on the market, as long as you can pay the security deposit.

Here is an overview of the luxury car rental options in Toronto.

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GTA Exotics
GTA Exotics can get you out of town to collect your car, but you’re sure to look ten times better when you return. The fleet includes luxury and exotic cars as well as motorcycles. If you are looking for something even more impressive than a Beamer, this is your place. They are spoiled for choice, with Ferrari Spiders and Lamborghini Murcielagos completing their fleet.

Affinity was the first car rental company to provide Torontonians with 24/7 rental service within the city. Their fleet of over 150 cars includes big names like BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Lexus. You can usually get the rental price up front, and unlike the other companies on this list, Affinity has multiple locations in the GTA.

Senior Exotics
Superior Exotics’ fleet may not be as big as other companies, but what they lack in quantity of cars, they make up for in quality of service. You will find significantly cheaper security deposit rates that are worth the trip to Mississauga. The four exotic models available are: Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari F430, Bentley Continental GT and Porsche 911.

Luxury car hire in Toronto
Toronto Luxury Car Rentals offers competitive rates and a decent-sized fleet of exotic and luxury vehicles to choose from. Located in Thornhill, this is one of the few luxury rental companies within the city limits. On hand they have a number of Porsches, Bentleys and Audi, as well as a few classic cars, including a 1966 Corvette.

Exotic tours
As its name suggests, this company specializes in exotic car tours. However, they also offer test drives, full-day track days, and rentals. Unfortunately, some cars (like the Ariel Atom) were only intended for the track, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a good selection. The fleet includes a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, a Bentley GT and a few other equally impressive rides.

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