Luxury Car Rental King Rashad James Celebrates First Year of Success for ‘Luxo Exotics’ Brand Amid Pandemic


Renowned luxury car rental guru Rashad James of Luxo Exotics Car Rentals in Houston, TX has become one of Houston’s top luxury lifestyle influencers thanks to the LUXO EXOTICS brand.

Whether it’s for a music video, a wedding or simply to find your way in the car of your dreams, Rashad James has bridged the gap between “Celebrities” and “The Everyday Person” who wants to create moments in the car of his dreams, if only for one night. It has become his extremely personal approach and his signature in the rapidly growing luxury car rental industry thus far. Each rental is for a “Celebrity” in the eyes of RJ and the “Luxo Exotics” team.

The 32-year-old luxury car guru and entrepreneur takes pride in himself and his company for building lasting relationships. As a result, Rashad James has been fortunate enough to offer top level rentals to several names in entertainment / sports such as Meek Mill, Lil Boosie, Sheck Wes, Antonio Brown and Terrence J to name a few with the luxury transport they are used to. their in the large city of Houston, Texas.

Media Maven Chadd Black says:

“I believe in Rashad James and the Luxo Exotics brand here in my hometown of Houston, Texas because I see a lot of my own approach to business in him. Intelligent, humble and diligent! He’s only just getting started!

Being able to launch and maintain a brand in the midst of a global pandemic says all we need to know about Rashad James and we look forward to following this story and hiring our own “Luxo Exotics” when we visit Houston. !


Pamela W. Robbins

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