Ikenna Ordor expands Starr luxury car rental in the United States

Ikenna Ordor knows a thing or two about the marriage of convenience, luxurious experiences and exceptional customer service. His on-demand rental company, Starr Luxury, makes it easy for customers to reserve and secure supercars (and even helicopters and jets) to create memories to last a lifetime.

While the company began serving customers in the UK, Ordor has now expanded Starr Luxury car rental to the United States.

The Starr Luxury fleet

Whether you have in mind a james bond-like Aston Martin, a flashy Bugatti, a breathtaking Rolls Royce, a speedy Ferrari or a sleek Lamborghini, Ordor’s impressive fleet of over 120 cars is sure to satisfy the desires of even the most posh car enthusiast. If you want to rent a luxury car but don’t feel like driving, you’re in luck, because Starr Luxury offers over 70 self-drive rentals.

“You could say we have the biggest following in Europe…maybe in the world,” Ordor explained.

The sequel is quite impressive: Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Bugatti, Ferrari, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Maserati, Maybach, McLaren, Mercedes, Porsche, Range Rover, Rolls Royce and Tesla are some of the fleet options you can choose. on the Starr Luxury website.

How Starr Luxury Works

The process is simple. Go to StarrLuxuryCars.com, find the car you want, fill in the date you want it, and a few other quick details, and a quote is automatically generated for you. You can also talk to someone by phone, chat, or email.

As an active-type platform, the fleet of over £150 million of cars is owned by Starr Luxury partners.

“We don’t need to own the vehicles. We work in partnership with operators who have a considerable fleet; in this way the business has been designed to be scalable so that we can focus on marketing and deliver impeccable service of the same level across the globe. Ordor then shared that the platform started with £5-10m worth of vehicles, and at the start of the year it was £100m. Now that it has opened in the US it has reached £150million.

Starr Luxury’s online car marketplace offers something other car rental companies can’t: a plethora of choices from the most luxurious brands, in top shape, always available. Most rental companies try to sell you what they have available on their land. Ordor noted, “We’re not trying to sell what we have, we want the consumer to choose what they want, and we provide it.”

Starr Luxury Car Rental extends to youhe us

Starr Luxury is expanding in the United States, allowing citizens or those visiting on vacation or business to rent luxury cars. They started in big cities like Miami, Los Angeles, Houston, Austin and Atlanta.

“Now is the time…if you order a service in Miami or Los Angeles, we can run that function no problem,” Ordor promised.

Starr Luxury Experiences

Starr Luxury is not limited to providing a dope vehicle to play sports. Ordor understands that what people really want are memorable experiences and exceptional service. That’s why they offer a range of vehicle-coupled experience packages. These include everything from fine dining, helicopter rides and a relaxing spa stay, to chauffeurs, theater visits, historical tours and cooking/wine lessons. These options are great for celebrating a birthday, a promotion, or even for employers who want to motivate high-performing staff members who exceed goals.

“If you are looking for unique wedding gift ideas, an unusual gift for a milestone anniversary or a luxury gift for Father’s Day, you can select one of our rental cars and present your gift in the form of a beautiful voucher. It’s the perfect gift for a car enthusiast or a birthday present that you can enjoy together.

Ikenna Ordor’s Starr Luxury has even formed partnerships with corporations, airports and hotels. In fact, they are the first company of this type in the world to have a collaboration with a five-star hotel. Anyone who stays in a signature suite at Hotel Café Royal has a supercar waiting for a trip to the countryside.

If you want to book with Starr Luxury, you can visit the site at StarrLuxuryCars.com or email the company at sales@starrluxurycars.com. Live support is available 24/7. You can also find Starr Luxury on Instagram @starrluxcars.

Pamela W. Robbins