I tried a chauffeur service from a luxury car rental company and it made me feel like Elon Musk.

  • I tried a chauffeur service from a luxury rental that took me home after a meeting.

  • Starr luxury cars offers chauffeur services in vehicles such as Mercedes S-Class and Bentley.

  • It made me feel like I had made it to the top of the world – probably how Elon Musk must feel.

I tried a chauffeur service from a luxury car rental company. The driver took me from a business meeting to my apartment.

Syed, the driver, took me back to my apartment.Initiated

Starr Luxury Cars offers chauffeur services and self-drive rentals. I drove a Ferrari that costs $1,500 a day to rent from the company.

A view of two luxury cars and a private jet.

Starr Luxury Cars also has a subsidiary offering private jets.Starr luxury cars

When the driver arrived, he opened the door and I jumped into the back seat.

View from the rear seat of the Mercedes S-Class.

A Mercedes S-Class.Starr luxury cars

The reclining back of the rear seats, and immediately I put mine back as far as possible.

A selfie of Insider's Sam Tabahriti in the back of the car.

Insider’s Sam Tabahriti was taken back to his apartment.Initiated

The controls for your seat are located on the door and you can also control the sun blinds.

A photo of the control panels on the rear door, controlling the reclining seat.

The rear seats are reclining.Initiated

The car has some really cool gadgets including a wireless charger for smartphones and you can control the hands-free calling option in the car using the remote shown below:

A view of the wireless charger between the two rear seats.

The car has cool gadgets.Initiated

There are touch screens on the backs of the front seats.

View of the passenger seat from the back seat.

The car has some cool tech gadgets.Initiated

It was quite roomy and I was able to stretch my legs without hitting the front seat.

A view of the space from the back seat.

The company offers chauffeur services and self-drive rentals.Initiated

Syed was my driver. He made me feel special by asking me if I had a favorite route, if the weather was good and if I wanted to listen to a certain radio station.

View of the driver from the back seat.

Syed was my driver.Initiated

Once I arrived at my destination, Syed opened my door and asked me if everything had gone well with the trip. He was very nice.

A view of the driver with his Mercedes S-Class

Syed is a private driver for Starr Luxury Cars.Initiated

Ikenna Ordor, Founder and CEO of Starr Luxury Cars, told Insider, “We want everyone to feel like the service they get is out of the ordinary. Customers pay for luxury, so , they should feel like they’re getting what they paid for.”

A view of Ikenna Ordor, CEO of Starr Luxury Cars.

Ikenna Ordor is the founder and CEO of Starr Luxury Cars.Starr luxury cars

And believe me…I felt special and it was definitely an experience that made me feel like a successful business leader – maybe like Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos must feel every day.

A selfie of Sam Tabahriti from Insider.

Insider’s Sam Tabahriti also drove a Ferrari from the same company.Initiated

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