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Car ownership is shaping up to be a thing of the past. With ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft launching in big and small towns around the world, one day very soon, most people will no longer need – or want – to own a car. Audi on demand (note the intentional all-lowercase lettering which is very ee cummings) has just launched in the United States, and it promises to literally bring the brand’s lineup of luxury vehicles straight to consumers.

In its most basic form, Audi on demand combines the ease of a car rental ATM with the on-demand ease of use of Uber. It is designed to be as useful for short-term travelers as it is for locals. Book your Audi stroll Is simple. Download the free mobile application or connect to the dedicated site to finalize your reservation. Within two hours, an Audi concierge will deliver the vehicle and go over all the necessary features and knowledge of your new car. Then it’s gone.

audio on demand delivery

Basically the service is similar to Zipcar, but what sets it apart is the quality and level of cars you can book. In total, there are 18 options. Convenient tenants can opt for entry-level models like the Audi A4 for simple groceries or to go around town. For something a little more useful that offers additional storage space, the Q3 is an option. For travelers considering a trip worthy of a bucket list, Audi’s R8 supercar is also available

Many cars in the brand’s lineup already include premium features such as quattro all-wheel drive and GPS navigation systems. The company also promises free accessories, from car seats and bike racks to surf / snowboard racks. Other add-ons include Wi-Fi hotspots and unlimited mileage on select models.

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Audi on demand is already available in popular cities around the world including Singapore, Munich, Manchester (United Kingdom) and Hong Kong. The luxury car company’s recent expansion to San Francisco marks its first step into the U.S. market, and more cities are expected to follow.

No word on when this Audi RS6 Wagon cheated will be added to the stable on demand, but it’s still early days.

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